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Ctrl+Alt+Dance is about Colin, an unemployed security software specialist, who through a case of mistaken identity is hired as a dance teacher at a local school. An adventure ensues as he tries to stay one step ahead of a vengeful hacker, a suspicious principal, and a gorgeous dance instructor. Action overcomes fear as he falls head over heels into the world of Lindy Hop.


Directors Statement

Ctrl+Alt+Dance is a modern-day glimpse into how courage can be learned from a dance form, and how an average individual can reset their life by challenging the fear that holds them back. This film is meant to challenge those who are complacent with their lives, encourage those who are trying to change, and give tribute to the first generation of swing dancers who bravely took action to overcome the fears of their day.


Producers Note

Ctrl+Alt+Dance was born as partnership between two lifelong friends. We had one idea, a million challenges, and no budget, cast, or crew. Read More


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Dax Hock as Colin Manning

One of Dax’s most defining moments was being dragged to auditions for a school play where he landed his first acting role in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and discovered a new passion. A love for acting coupled with a knack for dancing soon turned into a professional dancing career when Dax was hired by Universal Studios Japan where he performed in live shows as an, actor, dancer and choreographer. After Japan, Dax started touring the world, teaching 30+ lindy hop workshops a year. During this time he found his soul-mate, Sarah Breck.  Together Dax and Sarah live in Los Angeles where they work as dancers and actors and run the area’s most prestigious swing dance school; The Lindy Loft.


Sarah Breck as Jillian Breck

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA, Sarah grew up in the arts with a focus on dance. At home one night, 10 year old Sarah watched a documentary about a Swing Jazz legend, Frankie Manning, one of the original swing dancers. Sarah fell in love and begged her parents to take lessons. In her early 20's she was contacted by Dax Hock who was looking for a new dance partner. That call led her into a 5 year whirlwind romance where they have travelled the world dancing together and getting hitched. Dax and Sarah have performed on Dancing with the Stars, and were semi-finalist in Paula Abdul's Live to Dance.


Anthony Campanello as Mitch

Anthony attended Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH) where he majored in Psychology and The Arts. While at BGSU, he appeared in several stageplays, most notable, in the leading role of Brick in Tennessee Williams' "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof." He believes it was while doing that play in particular that he "caught the acting bug." He went on to appear in such TV shows as "Nip/Tuck", "Next", "Smallville" and he also played actress Katie Holmes' boyfriend in "Dawson's Creek." He can also be seen in indie feature "Lost Dream," "Under The Gaydar,"  and "Redefining Normal." His LA actor training includes the Lesly Kahn Studio.


Drew Ringsmuth as Seth

Drew attended Brisbane for university and It was during his time there that discovered a passion for dance. He dabbled in street latin, hip hop, break dance, popping and locking, tap and jazz, eventually coming full circle to focus on swing and blues dance in which he has national contest titles and teaching experience. At age 20, Drew began screen acting in the indie short film, Standing Still. Having recently completed a PhD in theoretical physics, Drew is pursuing careers in scientific research and the performing arts. Playing the role of Seth in Ctrl+Alt+Dance, he is excited to have his passions for acting and dance converge in his first feature film.


Jim Peterson as Principal Keeler

Jim Peterson is the Director of Theatre and Film in the Performing Arts Department at Carmel High in Carmel, IN and the Founding member of the Indiana Film Teachers, The Indiana High School Filmmakers Network and the Board of Theatre Teachers of Central Indiana. His independent films have placed in festivals including the Indianapolis International Film Festival, the Wet Your Pants Comedy Film Festival and the Indiana Shorts Film Festival. Having acted since high school, he has been in numerous stage plays, short films and feature-length narrative films. In 1995, he won the Best Supporting Actor Award for his performance in Saving Star Wars at the London Sci-Fi Film Festival.


Jeff Day as Mr. Kawsky

Jeff is a director and writer and co-founder/producer of Lucky Day Studios, an independent film company. He is a three time Kennedy Center ACTF Directing Award of Excellence recipient . Jeff holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Directing from the University of Utah in conjunction with Robert Redford's, Sundance Institute. He is the recipient of two Telly Awards, a Platinum Marcom Award and a Silver Angel Award, for writing and directing. Lucky Day Studios first feature film, Unrequited was co-written and produced by Jeff and will be released in 2014 by Lionsgate/Grindhouse Films. He resides in Lexington, KY and is a member of the Writers Guild and Screen Actors Guild.


Gex Williams Producer & Director

Gex’s career in film started with Lego blocks. At a young age he used stop-motion animation to make short videos for his family and friends. This eventually developed into using real people and the rest is history. He graduated from the College of Media Communications at Asbury University with a double bachelors in Film Production and Cinema Performance. Gex has worked on multiple professional film projects and served as the Producer and Artistic Director of SAC Family Theater in Lexington, KY. Gex’s enthusiasm for Lindy Hop and his entrepreneurial spirit has overflowed into the film from day one. As a producer, he constantly tries to find and incorporate new team members with skills and talents far exceeding his own. He is extremely proud of the insanely talented team who has given so much of their energy to make Ctrl+Alt+Dance a film which far exceeds its budgetary constraints.


Brian Crone Producer

Although Brian’s educational background is in engineering, his passion for film started at a young age when he produced skate and karate videos with his brothers and sisters. With a knack for problem solving, organization, and entrepreneurialism Brian was swept back into the film world after completing an M.S. in environmental engineering by his childhood friend Gex Williams. Brian is a true Jack-of-all-trades and is just as at home writing a script as he is meeting with investors. Brian’s inexhaustible optimism and energy make him an indispensable team member.


Kevin St. Laurent Choreographer

Kevin St. Laurent was born in May 1972 to a Naval Commander Father and a Entrepreneurial Mother in Southern California, U.S.A. He spent his childhood living in coastal cities of North America & Japan. From age 8 Kevin started dancing Tap, Ballet and Jazz and has never stopped dancing since. In 1993 his passion for Swing dancing took off and by 2001 he was a full time Lindy Hop teacher, performer and competitor. He has spent the last 15 years of his life traveling the world spreading jazz culture through swing era partner dances. He has taught and performed in over 30 countries across 5 continents.


Jo Hoffberg Choreographer

Although Jo Hoffberg calls California her home, she spends most of the year traveling with her dance partner Kevin St. Laurent. She holds 1st place titles from the US Open, Canadian Swing Championships, Camp Hollywood, American Lindy Hop Championships, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, and International Lindy Hop Championships. Her first international working experience was in Japan working for Universal Studios. Jo keeps it classy and sassy rock stepping around the world.


Lee Clements Director of Photography

Hailing from central Kentucky, Lee Clements has had a camera in his hand since middle school, making claymation shorts and music videos. College gave him a degree to make it official, but he has spent years working out how cameras move, pick up light, and how these interact with storytelling. College also brought Lee together with director Gex Williams as roommates, and when Gex needed an eye for something different, Lee was the first one he called. As cinematographer, he helps to light and compose the shots, in a sequence that can best help the story the director wants to tell.


Yohan Park Editor and Colorist

Born June 23, 1988 in Kansas City, Missouri, Yohan Park spent most of his life traveling across the US and Korea. He occupied himself with books, graphic novels, cartoons, and movies. While studying at Asbury University, he found a passion for filmmaking. Yohan’s editing work has contributed to award winning shorts, and he is currently working in the industry. Ctrl+Alt+Dance is Yohan’s first feature film to work on as an editor and colorist.


Alex McKenzie Composer

Alex had never actually learned how to properly read music before entering college at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville,TN as a Commercial Music Major. This put him far behind and his advisor even recommended that he change majors. With plenty of focus and love for what he was learning, Alex was tutoring other students by his junior year. Currently, Alex is working full time as a music composer Cincinnati for the video production company, Epipheo. He has composed music for hundreds of clients, such as Intel, P&G, Amazon, Mercedes Benz, Visa, IBM, etc. Alex's feature film debut was scoring the film "Ctrl+Alt+Dance."


Jessica Page Sound Designer

Jesse Page is a Sound Mixer and Designer from Nashville, Tennessee. This is the second feature film she has mixed and is very proud of the project. She got involved with the film through Alec McKenzie, the film's composer, who she went to university with. While she hasn't danced since she was six, she definitely had to brush up on her dance skills to record her own footsteps for the Foley in the many dance scenes. Jesse is currently an Audio Producer working on television shows for Spike.

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Producers Note

Ctrl+Alt+Dance is all about underdogs, a story of action overcoming fear. Taking action to overcome obstacles is something that both myself and producer Gex Williams learned when as kids we made a short film for a festival halfway across the country. Gex was first introduced to swing dancing when he attended a class for school. It was immediately apparent that Gex had no natural capacity for dance but with his first rock steps something came alive in him and he committed to mastering this new skill. Gex quickly fell in love with Lindy Hop and two years ago he came to me with the idea to bootstrap a film showcasing the active world of Swing Dancing. He wanted to use this dance to tell a story of action overcoming fear. And so Ctrl+Alt+Dance was born - a partnership between two lifelong friends. We had one idea, a million challenges, and no budget, cast, or crew.

But where there is a will there is a way, this is something everyone who has danced for the first time can understand. Feeling this film had a strong market of individuals who would love to see an authentic dance flick, we approached world champion Lindy Hoppers and Choreographers Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg. They were immediately interested in partnering with the film to bring some of the best choreography possible to the big screen. The race was on, a pre-sale campaign with the goal to pre-sell $12,000 worth of film copies was started in order to secure the budget needed to shoot a barebones version of the film. They film ended up securing a $18,000 budget in a three week period of pre-sales.

During the pre-sale campaign auditions were held for key roles in the film. This opened a dialogue with actors Dax Hock and Sarah Breck, both world champion Lindy Hoppers themselves. Dax and Sarah were real life sweethearts making it easy to provide a sizzling romance on screen as the lead characters in the film, Colin Manning and Jillian Breck.

Production began in the summer of 2013 with a three week shoot in the greater Cincinnati area. The limited budget of the film was spent in large part on plane tickets for cast and crew and the rental of the Red Epic Camera, allowing the film to be shot in stunning 4k with a set of brand new Prime Cinema Lenses from Schneider Glass. The passion, dedication, and sweat of all team members produced something truly special. It was during our grueling three week shoot that Dax and Sarah, the lead actors, happily discovered that they were going to have a new addition to the family. Eight months later wonderful little Huxley Hock was welcomed to the world.

After the initial shoot wound down the film was still far from complete. We still needed to complete one of the most difficult part of any film, the post-production editing process. In spite of our limited budget we were determined not to sacrifice on post-production quality. The post production team was made up of extremely talented professionals, individuals who dedicated massive amounts of time and energy away from paying projects, family, and friends to help see the film through to fruition.

Nearly two years after conception Ctrl+Alt+Dance is almost ready to be shared with the world. It has been a challenging and exciting two years and the film has far exceeded everyone's expectations for a micro budget passion project. With music contributed from some of today's most talented emerging jazz artists and phenomenal dancing showcased by world class champions we hope this underdog story will inspire you to overcome challenges in your own life.

-Brian Crone Producer